OSPECS Consulting, LLC, an Associate Member of the DFW Hospital Council, has been promoting its in-demand national experts on sterile processing.
Washing your hands is only the beginning. The DFW Hospital Council (DFWHC) Foundation is in the midst of hosting a five-day Sterile Processing Certification Prep Class from May 13-17 at the Hurst Conference Center.
Today’s sterile processing departments (SPD) prepare complex instrument trays that are used for complex surgical procedures. To prepare these instrument trays properly, technicians must follow a strict process with elaborate instructions for cleaning and sterilization. These labor-intensive steps must be followed in spite of the heavy workload of surgical instruments the department.
In sterile processing we face challenges in that the goals we set for our department may impact directly the outcome of a surgical procedure and a patients’ life.
If it’s time to assess your surgical instrument reprocessing and sterile processing operations then look no further how we can help implent it.