High Level Disinfection and Sterilization Comprehensive Assessment Program

Our consultants perform a deep dive into the sterile processing department to evaluate and rate process efficiencies in five functional areas of operations against regulatory standards and recommended guidelines. A Comprehensive Assessment Report with the opportunities for improvement, recommendations and a roadmap of activities to help you bring your SPD 180-degree around and the change needed for success. The five functional areas for the Instrument and HLD Processes are Infrastructure; Process Volatility, Product & Service Provision; Quality Systems; Skills Competence, Leadership and Customer Communication.


Process Volatility

  • Access full cycle of instrument reprocessing and high-level disinfection (HLD) process
  • Access tray, instrument and supply inventory
  • Measure effectiveness and integrity of computer software used to track instruments
  • Review workflow and assess opportunities for process improvement
  • Assess adherence to best practices



Quality Systems

  • Evaluate methods used to reduce the risk of infections associated with instrument reprocessing
  • Review internal audits and key performance indicators
  • Measure process for consistency and effectiveness
  • Review policies and procedures for instrument reprocessing and HLD, as well as adherence to regulatory standards
  • Quality analysis of steam and water systems used in instrument reprocessing




  • Evaluate leadership knowledge and adherence to processes and standards of accrediting agencies
  • Review the use of process and risk-based thinking in identifying opportunities
  • Review policies & procedures, and process documentation systems
  • Review infrastructure and associated design and equipment requirements



Skill Competence

  • Review staff competencies for performing critical tasks and responsibilities
  • Review established continuing education programs
  • Evaluate staff knowledge of evidence-based guidelines and device manufacturer's instructions for use
  • Evaluate knowledge and understanding of the latest regulatory standards



Customer Communication

  • Evaluate customer satisfaction
  • Appraise contingency actions
  • Access methodology based on customer feedback
  • Review turnover and error rates