You have followed all of your hospital’s procedures, donned and doffed PPE at the right times and the right places, washed your hands vigorously, and managed the unrelenting tsunami of patients needing care. You have armed yourself with the most up-to-date information from reputable sources, supported dedicated first responders, and adhered to manufacturers’recommendations to mitigate shortages of indispensable PPE.
Imagine walking through the door of a hospital’s sterile processing department (SPD) to find original AMSCO steam steriliz-ers and ultrasonic machines, 1956 GOMCO suction machines with the reusable bottles, and a “central supply” setup where the operating team washes contaminated instruments in the OR and the central supply staff puts them in the “oven.” The sterile processing department’s library is full of books and manuals from 1956, and its technique manual from the American Sterilizer Company is the 1969 edition.
THERE IS AN UNSUNG HERO IN THE FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19: the sterile processing department of your local hospital. The Sterile Processing Department (SPD) and its technicians are charged with cleaning, preparing and sterilizing any reusable medical device used on patients.